How To Hike With Kids

Instructor: Rebecca Walsh



Have you ever found yourself wondering how to get your children outdoors and onto a trail?

Have you ever found yourself burdened trying to figure out what kind of carrier to use for your toddler?

Or wondered at what age your preschooler can start to carry his or her own day pack?

If you have you’re in the right place.

The truth is, children are amazing adventure partners but many of us are unsure how to get into the backcountry with our children in an easy and fun way.

This workshop is going to walk you through ten easy tips to make it easy for your family to get outside together.

I hope to answer your questions and inspire you to get outside and on a trail together.

If you’re a novice hiker I hope to put aside any fears that you might have about taking kids into the wilderness.

If you’re a seasoned hiker I hope to learn from each other.

Here’s a little bit about what to expect in this workshop.

This workshop is comprised of 8 sections.

Each section is a stand alone class. When the class goes live on July 1st, 2020 you’ll have access to all 8 lessons (+ some super awesome bonus content), you’ll get a workbook for each lesson, a video to watch with access to audio and a transcript just in case you don’t have time to watch.

Once you sign up for the class you’ll have access to monthly zoom calls with Rebecca where she’ll be able to answer your questions live.

Here’s what we’ll learn.

  1. How to find a kid-friendly trail.
  2. How to pack for a day (or weekend) on the trail.
  3. What to eat for maximum energy and happiness.
  4. Hydration and kids.
  5. How to carry babies and toddlers.
  6. Safety and risk management (to include COVID-19 safe hikes).
  7. Outdoor clothing and gear on a budget.
  8. Adjusting expectations.

Access to this course will be available until October 31st, 2020 so you can rewatch and learn as you need, and while we know you’re gonna love this class we will offer a 100% refund within the first two weeks of you purchasing the workshop if it’s not what you expected.

If you have any questions we’d love to chat, you can reach our office at Basecamp 307-703-0172 (ask for Rebecca) or email

This class will be taught by Rebecca Walsh, the founder of Hike Like A Woman and owner of Laramie’s Basecamp.

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